Cala Esmeralda

This small sandbank flanked by low rocky areas is one of the beaches in Cala d’Or that has had little impact from society. The hotel establishments and apartment blocks as well as residential areas are at a reasonable distance from the beach.

Services: Sunbeds, Bar, Car Park.

Cala d’Or

It is one of the cosiest sandbanks protected from the waves in Santanyí, so much so that it has a cape that extends into the coastline, which serves as shelter. However, this implies that from the beach you cannot enjoy sea views.

Services: Sunbeds, sunshades, bar, showers, car park, restaurants.

Calò des Pou

The vegetation on this small cove grows even on the sand. This is one of its main attractions. Only 30 metres long and with beautiful turquoise waters, we recommend that you arrive early in the day since it gets crowded easily.

Services: Sunbeds, Sunshades, Bar, Showers, Toilets, Accessible Beach.

Cala Egos

Also known as Caló de ses Egos, it is a rocky as well as sandy beach, quite small, coquettish and very clean. Access to Cala Egos through the road is easy but parking is very limited during high season.

Calò des Homos Morts

This is especially a good beach for those who enjoy snorkelling. Although it’s difficult to access, the struggle will be worth it.

Calò de Sa Torre

This beach is made up of two small coves separated by a line of small rocks, with fine sand and a minor slope. There are some stairs available to access the water on the rest of the rocky coast, built by the owners of the houses located on the seafront

Calò des Borgit

Caló des Borgit is an unspoilt beach located in the Natural Park of Mondragó, the most important natural attraction in this area of the island. You can get here walking from s'Amarador passing through Cala Mondragó or by car to the nearest residential area.

Cala Mondragó

Declared a Natural Park in 1992 is one of the most beautiful and imposing bays of the island. It is divided into two beaches: s'Amarador and Mondragó, both spectacular. It is fine sand and shallow waters make it the perfect beach for the youngest members of the family. At the back of the beach there is a wetland inhabited by eels, water snakes and birds.

Services: Sunbeds, Sunshades, Bar, Showers, Toilets, Car Park, Restaurants, Lifeguard, Accesible Beach.


The same as Cala Mondragó, S'Amarador is located in the Natural Park of Mondragó, a natural spectacle worth experiencing. With its fine sand and turquoise water, this beach is surrounded by nature, an endearing system of dunes and a lagoon to close it off, damming the water coming from the stream that ends in this sandbank in the shape of a lagoon, where bit by bit they are reintroducing the land turtle.

Services: Sunbeds, Sunshades, Bar, Toilets, Car Park, Lifeguard.

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera spreads two ways in the shape of a ‘Y’, creating the Caló d'en Busques and the Caló d'en Boira. Throughout these two coves you can admire the wooden boats, the fish markets, the small fisherman houses, the nets drying in the sun, the artisanal docks and the remaining little stone houses. Caló d'en Busques has one of the most protected fishing ports of the archipelago

Services: Car Park

Cala Santanyí

A beautiful path starts at Cala Santanyí leading to Es Pontàs; a natural stone bridge over the sea. Being a beach of easy access as well as offering many services, it is one of the most popular during the high season.

Services: Sunbeds, Sunshades, Bar, Showers, Toilets, Car Park, Restaurante, Lifeguard.

Cala Llombards

One of Cala Llombard’s main spots is the excellent viewpoint located above the mythical Es Pontàs. This calm, white and shiny sandbank extends many meters inward, all the way to the pine forest that encloses it. It is packed with tall, very uneven cliffs. These elements add to its beauty, making it a perfect beach for families.

Services: Sunbeds, Sunshades, Bar, Toilets, Car Park, Lifeguard, Accesible Beach.

Calò des Moro

Set between two high walls of pines, bushes, brooms and mastic, es Caló des Moro is a beautiful sandy cove with the presence of a few rocks. This appearance changes according to the storms, since strong currents drag the lime beneath the sea, erasing the sunbathing area.

Cala s’Almunia

It’s a cove with many swimming areas: sand, rocks and even a small cave from which you can jump into the sea. And this is added to the charm offered by the endearing fisherman houses. Between 4 and 5 metres deep, on a sandy seabed with the occasional loose rock, its underwater beauty makes this area an excellent spot to go diving.

Caló des Màrmols

Caló d’es Màrmols is a hidden spot that you can reach by foot from the Cap de ses Salines, although the few swimmers that usually go there reach it by sea. Its natural surrounding is left intact, its crystalline water and white sand make it one of the most welcoming unspoilt beaches of Mallorca.

Cala Sa Nau

Cala Sa Nau is a small unspoilt beach with fine white sand. Located at only 2 km from Cala d’Or, it’s worth a visit. Cala Sa Nau is a beautiful corner of our town. With its crystalline waters, small cliffs and pine forests, it has become a natural shelter.

Cala Mitjana

Only 30 metres wide, it is covered with wonderful white sand. It is relatively difficult to get there since there is no road, but this becomes an advantage since it is rarely full (except for the months of July and August when it is high season in the island, of course).

Cala Serena

Cala Serena is a small and calm sandbank with a nearby residential area called Cala Serena, which means there are a few swimmers, no like the neighbouring Cala Ferrera.

Cala Ferrera

The reason why so many swimmers choose to go there is that it is accessible by car. The beach also has a disability ramp available.

Services: Sunbeds, sunshades, bar, restaurants.

Cala Barca

A cove to enjoy fine white sand under the sun or if you prefer, under the shade of pine forests in Mallorca. Also a place to have fun jumping off from the rocks. Children will enjoy in this familiar cove at the seashore.

Es Caragol

One of the biggest virgin beaches of Mallorca, far from any urban center, only has in its vicinity the Cap Salines Lighthouse. It is a sandy beach with turquoise and crystal clear waters, ideal for long relaxing baths, while the silhouette of the Cabrera archipelago is appreciated. Its surroundings are formed by a fabulous and pristine dune system and rocky barriers, as well as some vestiges of the Spanish civil war



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